Monday, 22 July 2013

Mattress Slings Straps Carriers

These straps slings mattress carriers provide handles to make carrying mattresses easy and safe.  Both of the carriers shown in this post are adjustable and easy to place on the mattress.

Adjustable Slings Straps Carrier

1. Adjustable
2. Strong materials
3. Quick and easy to place on mattress

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This product is adjustable, to fit all sized mattresses, It is designed to be able to be held with one hand, providing a free hand for supporting the mattress, opening doors and moving obstacles.  

Highly Reviewed

Reviews on this product reveal that the general consensus amongst those who've it is that it's made of strong materials, is simple to use and makes the job of mattress moving much easier. Fitting this product onto the mattress is quick and easy, and requires no tools. It is also lightweight and compact for easy storage. This particular sling strap appears is the most popular and is the cheapest option available.

The Mattress Tote

1. Easy to slip onto the mattress
2. Adjusts to fit all mattress sizes
3. Carry with one or two hands

The Mattress Tote is quite similar to the sling discussed above. It appears to be only available from the producer's official website.

Disadvantages of totes and slings

If you're unconcerned about storage or dirt/moisture and you're just looking for something to allow you to carry a mattress more easily then these products are perfect for you. They're cheap and simple to use. However, the EZ Hauler is a product which carries and protects during transportation and storage.

Moving is a time when mattresses get loaded into dirty trailers or trucks, or thrown into storage in potentially unhygienic conditions. You can either purchase bags intended only for moving/storage or you can buy bags which are made to minimally "crunchy", so you can sleep on top of them. These versions can be used permanently on your bed to ensure that bed bug infestations do not occur. They can also be handy if you have a child with bed-wetting issues.

Avoiding bed bug infestations may be more important than you'd think, as mites and their excrement can be significant triggers for allergies and asthma sufferers. The amount of dust, dead skin, bed bugs, dirt, dried fluid residue on an average mattress is generally quite high. Keeping it covered will hep to keep it clean

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